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Aims and Ethos



Aims of our Academy Trust:​

  • To create a school community where people can thrive, talent can grow and community is promoted.

  • To ensure learners have every opportunity to succeed, developing self-reliance and a love of learning.

  • To promote a culture of the highest possible aspiration for all, ensuring good and outstanding schools continue to thrive, while schools in need of support rapidly improve 

  • To ensure staff are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for all learners, understanding their own responsibilities and the need to be accountable for their impact

  • To ensure staff are committed to working creatively together, developing their own skills and knowledge and are dedicated to being inspiring lifelong learners

  • To provide leaders who are flexible, innovative and supportive, whilst also ensuring that all systems are rigorous, robust and challenging in delivering the best possible outcomes for all learners

  • To create a co-operative community of schools where by sharing resources and working together, we deliver a sustainable model of school improvement that is challenging, supportive and effective



Thrive strives to demonstrate the following ethical values in everything we do:

  • Openness – we believe in being open with colleagues in our schools and beyond, children and their families, sharing information and ideas to raise standards and life chances

  • Honesty – we act in a professional and respectful manner in our dealings with everyone

  • Social responsibility – we maximise our impact on the people in our communities while minimising our footprint on the world

  • Caring for Others – we treat everyone with respect, care and sensitivity, understanding that children are our absolute priority

  • Self-help and self-responsibility – we support learners, parents, carers and staff to help themselves and to take responsibility for their own actions