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Global Partnerships & Pupil Agency at the WISE conference 12th May 2022

Yesterday, there was a conference on 'Strategies for Encouraging Children and Young People' at the Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE) in Hull. Many thanks to Nick Evans from Hull University and Lisa Chesney, the High Commissioner for Sierra Leone, for inviting and introducing me to talk. My presentation explained the journey we have travelled on since 2010 as part of the Global Partnership Work between Hull & Freetown. Significantly, this has included the establishment of the International Pupil Council (IPC) in order to give pupils more of a voice. For my colleague, Francis Mason, who initiated this with me, giving children and young people in Freetown any voice at all was highly significant. It was great to see Kathleen Guthrie at the event, who has formed such a pivotal in the development of the IPC over the years, especially in all of the work around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the Thrive Cooperative Learning Trust, we are now journeying further towards giving pupils more autonomy and a growing sense of Pupil Agency. As I explained to the delegates, we are working in combination with Dr Gill Hughes and her team at Hull University on this.


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