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Thrive Pupil Engagment Conference, featuring Laura Lundy as keynote speaker.

Today, we were honoured to have the inspirational Professor Laura Lundy address our conference, which was all about using the Lundy Model in practice. While Jonathan Roe (our CEO) and I explained the journey we have been on with our trust, the Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust, we had other guest speakers to talk about their work. Sarah Hatfield from the Hull Voice & Influence Team spoke about the Hull Strategy using the Lundy Model then Lisa Wedgner explained her work with the Hull Young Mayor programme. Lisa and Trish Dalby then talked to us about the Generation Hull Arts project. Our profound thanks go to all of our speakers, as well as our perfect hosts at Priory Primary and Dave, our Trust IT Manager for coming to the rescue with some IT gremlins at the start. It was worth the hassle with this to connect with Laura, live from Belfast. Thanks to all who attended.

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