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Road to Net Zero

We are fully committed to caring for our planet, both in terms of what we are doing at a Trust and a school level. We are ten schools, a vibrant network, where each individual school is supported and deliver excellent education and inspire the next generation to journey towards a more sustainable, climate-friendly future.

Our recent partnership with C3 Group has brought us closer to achieving our goal of net-zero emissions, reinforcing our pledge to create a more sustainable future for our students, staff, and the wider community.

Our work to date is to create a Road Map to Net Zero, highlighting recommendations throughout for renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency measures, and staff, community, and student engagement methods for achieving Net Zero.


Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust
working in partnership with C3 Group


Developing, designing & investing in a greener future

Road to Net Zero - Tree

The C3 Group has already updated all of our lighting across the trust to the latest LED lighting.

  • The 4,477 LEDs will save us 102,947 tonnes of carbon.

  • 1 tonne of carbon is equal to 2,500 miles driven
    by a petrol car
    or 120,000 smartphone charges.

  • To capture 1 tonne of carbon emissions, 50 trees must grow for one year. Therefore, if we hadn’t saved our amount of carbon from the LEDs, 5,147,350 trees would be needed to grow in a year to capture this same amount!

Road to Net Zero - Petrol Car
Road to Net Zero - Smartphone

Sustainable Development Goals

At Thrive, we recognise the importance of playing our part in sustainability and are advocates for climate change.

As a leading academy trust, we can play our part by reducing carbon emissions in our schools, reducing our waste content, and engaging our pupils and the wider community in to joining us on our Journey to Net Zero.

We are committed to supporting our local community, working in collaboration with C3 Group to educate, inspire and promote climate change. We recognise the importance of working towards Net Zero, by reducing our carbon emissions in daily operations. We are focused on creating low-carbon energy solutions, reducing our waste consumption, and promoting sustainable travel where possible to reduce the Trust’s carbon footprint.


Thrive Trust aligns with the United Nations Sustainability Goals. Each ambition is made up of short and long-term targets, to achieve Net Zero by 2030. We will regularly review our performance for our goals, and drive for improvement when necessary. We will also report our progress regularly as part of our annual Sustainable Development Review.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals have provided a framework for us to align our actions and meet the needs of future generations.

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