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Art to remember the fallen - Sidmouth Primary School

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Over the last few weeks Sidmouth Primary School (Thrive Hull) have created a whole school display to mark Remembrance Day and to make meaningful schema connections across Year 6’s current study of WWII. The work has ensured that the school provides an engaging and interesting curriculum, linking concepts across different subject areas, with this history topic teaming up with Art and D&T.

Head of school, Sara Moore said, “The school is an Artsmark silver award holder. Art is consistently used as an inspirational tool to enrich the curriculum, which can be accessed in a way that allows all children, irrespective of language or ability, to express themselves creatively. We believe this whole school display shows evidence of this and will help us along on our journey to achieve the Artsmark Gold award.”

It was while looking at ideas of how and where to display the children’s clay poppies that the idea of a whole school contribution to this display came to mind. It was decided to create a poppy installation based on the work of Hull artist Martin Waters.

Every child in the school had the opportunity to create a poppy of their own which would be included in the display. This display would then be installed in an area of the school where everyone (not just Year 6) could see it.

Sara said, “We have had a fantastic response from all of the staff and children and they have really enjoyed learning about the symbolism of the poppy while creating their own poppies using a wide range of different media.”

The final part of this project saw all of our children in Years 4 to 6 taking part in the Remember Together 150 digital event, a workshop that brought together schools in Canada, the UK, and from around the world. The children discovered the story behind the poppy as a flower of remembrance and learned about the Canadian doctor, John McCrae, and how he came to write one of the world's most famous poems, In Flanders Fields.


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