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Capturing 'Agency' using the Lundy Model for Pupils, Parents and Staff

Updated: Jan 11

We have just completed our annual Parents Voice surveys, using the Ofsted Parent View questions.

This time, we have introduced some additional questions to give us an understanding of 'Agency' and thus help promote and develop voice and influence across our trust. 

These new questions are based on the four domains of the Lundy Model. Although this model was designed for Child Participation, it occurred to us that this would be pertinent to other cohorts, namely our staff and parents. As we strive to develop 'agency' for all of our people, we are really interested in everyone’s perceptions around the four domains of Space, Voice, Audience and Influence. 

We are delighted to share our results with you. Needless to say, this data is used to inform our Trust and School Development Journeys. The surveys are the precursors to more qualitative work with our cohorts as we work towards being a more Thriving Community.


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