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Congratulations to St. George's Primary School - Eco Schools Green Flag Award


Fantastic work Mrs Cameron

We are very pleased to tell you that you and your Eco-Committee at St George's Primary School have been awarded an Eco-Schools Green Flag.

We reviewed your application and noted the following:

It's wonderful that you have appointed such a representative Eco-Committee, this shows your school’s excellent commitment to both the programme and the eco-cause. We love your fair approach to appointing Eco-Committee members. It’s great to see that you had such a group of eager, enthusiastic volunteers. We love that you kept minutes from your meetings and that they helped to track, guide and prompt your activity, and thank you for including the excellent example. It was great to see that young people were responsible for completing those meeting minutes – this helps them develop new skills! This is a mature and professional approach. Great work!

It was wonderful to see how completing your Environmental Review helped to raise the level of awareness in your school and helped your Eco-Committee to identify the issues and spot gaps in your school's existing environmental activity. But equally important is that it helped you to recognise the great work that you were already doing. This helps to keep up the good activity whilst making you feel empowered to do different things. We love this! We love the range of activities that you and your Eco-Committee planned for delivery. The fact that they cover both indoor (creating a Swap Shop, promoting recycling bins, a meat-free day and creating a ‘calm space’) and outdoor (regular litter picks, planting trees & flowers, building a bug hotel, bird boxes & feeders) activities is excellent.

It was also great to see accountability and a monitoring scheme clearly marked in your Action Plan, although we were surprised there was no Evaluation system in place. Great work though! You’ve clearly embedded the ethos of the Eco-Schools programme far and wide in your school! We love your ambition in tackling some of the areas where you scored lowest in the Environmental Review. This shows you have a confident Eco-Committee dedicated to maximising their impacts. We’re really impressed at how you’ve linked environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas. We loved seeing the excellent photos of pupil’s work, posters, displays and activities. This is a great example of layering in sustainability and climate change into your studies.

We loved reading about how you had incorporated learning about global issues not only into the Geography and Science Curriculum (most common ones) in your school, but also into other areas such as PSHE and EYFS. Great work! A target for next year might be expanding this to incorporate these issues into other areas of learning like English, Maths or Art! Your Eco-Board is great. Your board is incredibly visual and engaging and promotes your work in a very attractive way. It’s also good to see your Eco-Committee members on the board. This is a great way to raise their esteem and make their schoolmates feel like they can approach them and get involved with your Eco-Schools work! We love how active your Eco-Committee was in communicating their activities school-wide with both assembly and class feedback, awareness posters and use of the school newsletter and social media as well as the Eco-board itself. These all combine to make a great approach!

We love that your pupils have taken their great work beyond the school gates and into their local community by planting trees with the Woodland Trust, participated in Superbloom Schools with Historic Royal Palaces to create your new flower & vegetable garden and even grown their own vegetables at home with seeds and containers supplied by the Veg Cities Project – outstanding work! Thank you for including the range of lovely photos of your new garden. We are certain that your pupils will have greatly benefitted from your involvement with such outside organisations as the Rooted in Hull Community Garden, ASDA, Lets Go Zero and the Green Planet series.

The parent quote is a great testament to the work that you are doing with your Eco-Committee, that they are taking their Eco-Schools work home with them and getting their families on board is something to be proud of! I hope you and your Eco-Committee take great pride in your achievements, when listed it's almost astonishing how many there are – however, the real improvements to your school environment with your various Biodiversity initiatives, litter picks, recycling measures, a Swap Shop and, most of all, your community tree planting and creating your fabulous new flower and vegetable garden (we loved those) all nicely stand out! Everyone involved should be incredibly proud of the changes they have made.

Your Eco-Code is really smart and concise. It's a great message and its punchy nature will definitely help it be processed by everyone passing by your Eco-Board. Congratulations to everyone for the great work you have managed to do, earning your Green Flag with style. You should all be very proud of your work and the application you have submitted!

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