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How students are going to play a vital role in Thrive's Road to Net Zero journey.

In the Thrive Co-operative Learning Trust, we have launched our Road to Net Zero journey this autumn term, with our students being at the heart of things. Members of our schools' student leadership groups have met to consider a range of environmental actions. Working with their fellow school friends, each school's student population will choose a termly Eco Challenge. This will be bespoke to each school but will form a bigger agenda, which is to increase the Eco activities of our already busy Eco Teams. We are working in partnership with Ash Wray and his C3 Group to reduce our Carbon Emissions on many different levels, from building innovations to student-based projects. Of course, Pupil Agency will be evident, with us using the Lundy Model to steer & inspire our young people and enable their voices to be heard.

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