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Thrive's Road to Net Zero live on the Beeb

I was honoured to be invited by Alan Raw from BBC Radio Humberside to be his guest on 'Eco Time' at 9.30pm on the 11th September. He was interested in what we are doing in Thrive with our 'Road to Net Zero' programme. I was able to tell the listeners about the brilliant work that our young people are doing, including the Pupil Agency that we have been developing across our ten schools. The young people in our schools are certainly taking the initiatives in projects around Carbon reduction and are increasingly learning how they can be empowered through the four domains of the Lundy Model for Child Participation.

Our Eco work with other organisations, especially Ash Wray and his C3 Group was highlighted. I explained to Alan about the many Eco projects that our pupils, staff and families are involved with in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Outside of the actual programme, it was great to spend another hour or so discussing other connections and projects with Alan and his colleague Brian Sellers (Koru & KlimateKonnect).


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