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Food for Life - Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Two months ago all 9 Thrive schools were awarded the Food For Life Bronze Award - and one Thrive school has managed to scoop Silver and Gold as well.

At an award ceremony attended by many schools at William's Den, Chiltern Primary School was the only school that managed to achieve the gold award which is sponsored by The Soil Association. Children from the school received the award alongside school staff Lisa Greig and Vicky Wells, and Thrive Catering Manager Chris McCallion.

To achieve the Gold award schools need to:

  • Act as hubs for their local community, actively involving parents and community groups in cooking and growing activities

  • Meet Gold ‘Food for Life Served’ Here standards which show the food served is healthy, ethical, uses lots of local ingredients, and is animal and climate-friendly, including a minimum of 15% organic and 5% free range

  • Show that pupils choosing to eat a school meal is the norm

  • Be actively involved in the life of a local farm and active in planning and growing organic food for the school.

The amazing community volunteers who give their time to tend the school’s community garden are key to the success of the whole project.

Local partner Hull Food Partnership visited Chiltern and reported on progress towards reaching the Gold Standard. Their full report can be read here. The report indicates the fantastic range of other partners that the school networks with to give such amazing opportunities to pupils, their families, and the wider community. Thanks also need to be given to;

For further information contact Lisa Greig at Chiltern Primary School.


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