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I will be forever grateful

Working in a school is a deeply rewarding experience, but often the reward comes through determined and dogged hard work - and sometimes it can be downright challenging. Then life outside of school can become difficult. When these two circumstances collide things can be overwhelming.

To assist colleagues through difficult times we buy into professional assistance so that colleagues can access 5 sessions with one of the Space 2B Heard counselling team. They take the referral over the phone. It is fully confidential. believes that individuals have the autonomy to make their own life choices and that sometimes they just need additional help in doing this. Their philosophy includes enabling, supporting, encouraging and facilitating people to reach their autonomous place.

We would encourage all colleagues to visit and seek further information about the service and useful links to help and support.

Recently 2 Thrive colleagues have accessed - with their permission here are their stories.

Testimony 1

‘I accessed the services of Space 2B Heard recently, which were a great help to me. When I realised I needed some additional help, I enquired with my GP and was told there was an 8-12 week waiting period. I contacted Space 2B Heard after asking advice from my Wellbeing Lead, and had my first session booked within two weeks. The help and support that I received was completely tailored to me. I spoke with the counsellor in the first session about why I had sought counselling, and from there she was able to guide me through the process as needed. It was really helpful and the support provided was also completely flexible. My needs from the counselling changed during the three months that I saw my counsellor, and she adapted to my needs each time. This included supporting me in a period when I returned to work, which would have been a very difficult time for me without this guidance. Although I naturally came to a point where I did not feel that I needed to continue my counselling sessions, it is reassuring that I can return should I feel the need, with as little as a phone call. This is a huge relief given the long waiting times for the same support on the NHS. My mental health would be severely affected by such a wait if I needed support again, but this is something I would be able to avoid having the opportunity to access the Space 2B Heard support through Thrive.’

Testimony 2

'I was going through some traumatic life-changing times, which sent me spiralling into a deep depression and suffering crippling anxiety. I could not even leave the house. I tried to contact my GP to seek some help, hoping for a referral for counselling but was told the wait would be about 16 weeks for access to the service. After speaking with a trusted member from SLT at school, Space 2B Heard was offered to myself. From the date of the referral, I had my first counselling appointment 13 days later! This almost immediate response and support prevented me from spiralling even lower. I honestly do not know what I would have done without Space 2B Heard counselling service funded by Thrive. I will be forever grateful.'

To access Space 2B Heard visit their website, or call them. You don't need to wait to talk to someone at school.


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