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Parent Survey - thank you

Before Christmas we asked you to take part in our annual parent survey.  More than 1,000 of you took part.  As you know we are a group of schools that regularly seeks feedback from pupils, staff and parents.  This is central to how we operate.

I would like offer my thanks for your involvement in this year’s parent survey, and to give you a brief update on the outcomes across all 10 of our schools.

  • 1,195 parents took part, up from 943 (700 primary school, 495 secondary school) - Thank you.

  • Your feedback on how well schools listen, take action and give feedback (‘Influence’ in the chart below) scored 89% positive.

  • Last year you gave us 4 areas for improvement (bullying - high expectations - the range of subjects taught - wider personal development).  Your feedback this year shows that you feel we have made improvements in all of these areas.

Very soon your child’s school will be in touch to detail the improvements they want to make in the year ahead after taking your feedback.

Thank you again for taking part.


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