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  • Paul Browning

Thrive Eco Committees at 'Rooted In Hull'

Our Thrive Eco Commmittee members from Chiltern, Oldfleet, Priory, Sidmouth, St. George's and Stepney primary schools visited the wonderful people at 'Rooted In Hull' yesterday afternoon for a superb session. Adrian and Neil were the guides for the afternoon, with Paul in the kitchen providing some delicious pizzas for lunch. Our pupils were then shown the many Eco projects around the site, including the hydroponics, the reed beds, the Apiary and the waterless Eco Toilet. Everyone learned so much about different ingenious ways to be Eco Friendly and grow lots of different plants. We learned how rainwater can be used more efficiently and how a simple cheap (£300) solar power system can used to great effect. It was inspiring afternoon in gorgeous weather conditions. Many thanks to the chaps at 'Rooted In Hull' for being superstars.


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