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Capturing Authentic Pupil Voice: Hull Pop-Up Parliament at Kelvin Hall School

Hull Youth Parliament has been meeting for over 15 years now. While the main parliament meetings take place in the actual Council Chamber in Hull's Guild Hall, they are now reaching out to even more of our young people through Pop-Up Parliaments, which are being conducted in schools across the city.

Yesterday, Ruth Cowland and Lorraine Boocock from Hull Voice & Influence took the Pop-Parliament to Kelvin Hall School to listen to the views of year 9 & year 10 students.

From the 'Make Your Mark' survey, (British Youth Council, funded by the UK Government) the three areas which had come top of the young people's votes were: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Crime and Safety and Jobs & Opportunities.

Over the summer, there is going to be an exciting new reorganisation of Youth Voice in Hull with a closer alignment of the Youth Parliament, Hull Young Mayor's Team and the Young Leaders. The three subjects discussed at the Pop-Up Parliaments, held across the city, will form the basis for their work in 2023-24.


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