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Freetown IPC Meeting

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Our colleague, Francis Mason has led another Freetown International Pupil Council meeting in Sierra Leone today. It's great to see our friends in Freetown keen and fully engaged with their global work. Twenty Schools attended. These were:

Safinatu Community prim school

Bill Clinton Host.

Children in Crises.

S.L.Muslim Community.

Family Foundation.

Community Education

Kabbrex Primary School

Redemption Prim School

Choosen Generation

Bamira Prim School

Progressive Primary School

King Fahad Primary School

Adeline Preparatory School

Obez Primary School

Christjat Primary School

Ahmadiyya Primary School

Ahmadiyya Primary School Kissy.

Conforti Prim School

Lillian Preparatory Prim School

Kumar. Bun Al-katab Primary School


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