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Hull & Freetown International Pupil Councils tackle the Climate Crisis and help Hull University's Research

Updated: Feb 8

In Freetown, Sierra Leone this morning and in Hull this afternoon, our International Pupil Councils met to undertake important workshops. For the past 14 years, the IPCs have been an important conduit for Pupil Voice and Influence and today's session was no exception. Young people from 15 schools created detailed concept maps. The first step was to show representations of their journeys to school. Once this was completed, they then added environmental issues that they had noticed. Finally, possible solutions were added. With each step in the process recorded in different colours, it was easy to see how each step related to the others. This was a valuable piece of work that will add to a major research project being undertaken by Hull University, namely to look at Climate Resilience and Net Zero Solutions. We're always excited that we can have two IPCs on different continents operating at the same time, even though they are thousands of miles apart. Our thanks to Francis Mason for leading the Freetown IPC and all of our students and staff who made today such a success.


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