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Hull International Pupil Council July 2024 meeting

With many schools involved in sports days and visits, it was no surprise that today's IPC was attended by fewer schools than usual. It's a busy time of the year. Students from Griffin, Priory, St. James, Sidmouth, Thanet Primary Schools and Newland School for Girls met to undertake some productive work on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3. Each group wrote down things they do now for their General Health & Well-being. Their A1 sheets were handed around so that other groups could contribute further ideas and suggestions. We finished with everyone writing a personal pledge about something they will do to improve their own well-being. What a great afternoon! Many thanks to Priory for being the perfect hosts again and staff/students for taking part. We are sharing these ideas with our friends in Freetown, Sierra Leone, who meet on the 10th July (they're in the middle of exams at the moment)


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