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Hull International Pupil Council tackling Food Hunger (SDG 2)

Yesterday's meeting of the Hull International Pupil Council at Longhill Primary School, featured representatives from Alderman Cogan, Chiltern, Endsleigh, Griffin, Ings, Longhill, Newland St. John, Oldfleet, Priory, Rokeby, St Vincent's, Sidmouth & Stepney Primary Schools and Newland School for Girls.

The IPC reps shared some of the highlights of their Global Links Work and then discussed SDG 2 Zero Hunger, SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 6 Clean Water & Sanitation. These are the three SDGs that our friends in the Freetown IPC are focussing on this year.

We decided to focus on SDG 2 today, so we watched two short videos to give us some vital information on this important subject. These were: Food Waste: The Hidden Cost of the Food We Throw Out and Food Waste, Global Hunger & You.

After discussing how we can look at reducing Food Waste at the Production stage and at the Consumer stage, we realised that we may all make a big difference to our planet if we start to act now.

After this, we produced some art work posters which are digitised below. The paper copies are being taken back to Freetown by Mrs Graham, from Adeline school, who is visiting the UK at the moment.


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