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Ings Eco Stars are working towards their Eco Green Flag Award

Many thanks to Ings Primary School for inviting me to their Eco Committee meeting yesterday. It is clear that these pupils are really passionate about the work they are doing to improve their environment. They are well on their way with their Eco Schools Green Awards bid. They have already been collecting many bags of rubbish as part of the Great Big School Clean project and planning a Community Litter Picking event in a few weeks time. They shared some graphs showing the type of litter that had been collected - yes, they had anaylsed the litter that was collected! Looking at the different things that were picked up, it was clear that many of these things may be reduced by simple steps. These include increasing the types of recycling bins in each classroom. They are going to introduce two additional bins, including one for food waste.

The pupils discussed their summer term plans which include having a Toy Swap Shop and having a fund raising event. They suggested different organisations they could raise money for to help protect animals and support conservation. These suggestions are going to be researched before putting the ideas to the rest of the school and making a decision.

This week, they are going to make some posters about the community litter pick and present their actions and plans in school assemblies.

They are incredibly busy people at Ings. Well done, everyone.

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