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Oldfleet JLT are Great Eco Warriors

Many thanks to the Oldfleet Junior Leadership Team for inviting me this afternoon and telling me about their brilliant Eco work. They are currently working on stage 4 (Curriculum Links) of their journey towards the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. This afternoon, there was a recap on the work they have done so far, including their action plan updates. Given four possible 'Big Ideas', JLT members voted for their favourite three.

- We will listen to children and respresent their voice through the junior leadership team;

- We will help all children to develop strong voices and resilient attitudes to learning;

- We will improve children's sense or agency through giving them a voice about how they learn and to make positive changes within our community.

They decided not to go for the WellBeing idea this time as all the pupils felt their wellbeing needs are addressed through the school's work on this, including the use of their Wellbeing room.

As well as thinking about actions they will put into place in school, pupils told us about the many things they are doing at home, including picking up litter after younger brothers and sisters; sorting their home recycling; and reducing food waste. As part of the 'Great Big School Clean' project they are taking up the 25 bag pledge to pick up litter around the school and the community.

Wearing their new Thrive Eco badges with pride, this team certainly has what it takes to be Eco Leaders in their school. Bravo, Oldfleet.


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