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Pupil Agency tackles Racism Head On in Hull

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Two things we take extremely seriously in Hull these days are Racism and Pupil Agency.

The Hull Young Mayor Team, working with 'Youth Aspire Connect' has not only produced an Anti-Racism policy that is now in schools across Hull but these amazing young people have been working with a local filmmaker to produce this poignant animated film.

There can be no stronger work than Lisa Wedgner's pioneering projects in our city. Lisa leads the Hull Young Mayor team as well as the Generation Hull Arts initiative. Both these are founded on Strong Pupil Agency through Youth Steering Groups. With the Lundy Model at the heart of things, the young people under her wing are empowered to change the world!

Their next steps include a book to accompany their Anti-Racism work and a new project is to create a 'Food Poverty App'.

Talking of Audience and Influence, Mike Ross, the Leader of Hull City Council, and the Lord Mayor of Hull, Councillor Kalvin Neal, were not only in attendance at the launch last night but backing the project 100%. Councillor Ross found funding for this project and continues to be an ardent supporter of this work.

This is what it is all about - a perfect example of the four domains of the Lundy Model at work and making a difference to our world through young people - Space, Voice, Audience and Influence.


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