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Pupil Voice, Votes and Non-Violence in Sierra Leone

We had another wonderful online meeting this week involving members of the Freetown Society in Hull and our good friends & colleagues from the Hull Society in Freetown. We often link up with them via Zoom to catch up on current events. Upcoming elections are dominating life in Sierra Leone at the moment. Regrettably, while people have the vote, the process of voting is not always a peaceful one, with violence erupting between followers of different parties. In Hull, we are supporting our friends in getting the message to young people in Sierra Leone that voting should be a peaceful process. Groups of people, armed with machettes and other weapons shouldn't be the norm. In the coming week, our colleagues are starting a campaign of visiting schools to talk to them about their right to vote peacefully and without intimidation or violence by any political party. In the light of this, the following posters have been produced. One of our colleagues in this week's meeting was Francis Mason. The two of us established the Hull/Freetown International Pupil Council in 2010 to give our young people a global voice. Thirteen years later, the call for strong Pupil Voice and Pupil Agency is still of paramount importance. Our thoughts and best wishes to go everyone in Sierra Leone for peaceful elections.


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