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Thrive schools engage with White Ribbon Day

As part of Thrive’s commitment to challenging social injustice, each school is a member of the White Ribbon UK ‘the UK’s leading charity to end violence against women and girls’, and every year we give every learner the opportunity to know how to form respectful relationships. This year this opportunity was also extended to other family members.

From age 4 to 16 pupils think about how to form relationships of equality, respect and kindness. The curriculum provides themed, well-resourced lessons with discussion a key part of these, assemblies give a clear message for the whole school and activities extend to classroom decorations, pupils wearing white, pledges signed and displayed. A collection for a domestic abuse shelter ensures a contribution beyond the vital messaging in our schools.

Our engagment this year is best described through the pictures that were taken at 6 of our schools today.

Stepney Primary’s children, from Reception to Year 6 investigated how they can use kind words, kind hands, kind feet, and kind actions to all.

On Thursday parents at Chiltern Primary’s Chat and Choose event had the opportunity to consider issues of relational equality.

Chiltern’s children made White Ribbon cakes!

Oldfleet Primary’s Reception children made their own display of commitment to kindness.

Priory Primary made posters on the theme of These hands are not for hurting.

Newland School for Girls celebrated White Ribbon Day during a series of assemblies to all year groups. The impact of these has been amazing with a number of pupils seeking to talk and further the discussion about violence against women and girls after the assembly. The videos and information was received by all pupils with seriousness and respect - something for which we are extremely proud.

In addition to this all staff and students at NSG have once again this year signed the White Ribbon pledge - "We promise never to use, excuse or remain silent about men's violence against women." These are now displayed proudly at the front of the school for all to see and as a school we have 14 staff members who are either White Ribbon ambassadors or champions.

Students have also been encouraged in the library to look at the key themes around White Ribbon week and the librarians have produced a section in the school library for students to loan books from on key themes.

At Kelvin Hall School the school has been stenciled-up with White Ribbons.


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