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We value loyalty

From Beccy Meilhan - People Development Lead

We are delighted to announce the Thrive Long Service Recognition Policy has been launched this week and colleagues have started to receive their award letters and pin badges.

We value staff loyalty and recognise that the long service of staff brings lasting contributions to the organisation. The award recognises colleagues who have reached the key milestones of 10 and 25 years continuous service with a Thrive School.

For those staff who reach 10 years service they will receive a letter of recognition and a Thrive pin badge.

For those staff who reach 25 years service they will receive a letter of recognition, Thrive Pin badge and a gift up to the value of £150.

To date, 202 colleagues have reached 10 years service and 9 have reached 25 years. We have two colleagues who have 36 and 38 years service! Wow!

For those staff who have reached 25 years to redeem your £150 you may choose a gift of your choice, we will then need to see the receipt and the Trust will arrange reimbursement within 3 working days. For those colleagues who may need support with this please contact Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase alcohol as directed by the academy's Handbook.

I have already spotted a couple of pin badges being worn across the Trust. We have received some lovely comments so far.

‘This was a lovely surprise thank you and nice to be appreciated’

‘This has made me smile today, thank you’


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